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Ghosts of the Quarries

Many ghost hunters describe something called the “limestone theory,” holding that paranormal activity is more frequent in areas where there are large amounts of limestone. One possible explanation is that the chemical makeup of limestone is similar to that of … Continue reading

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The Chicago Portage and Its Importance

My new book release, The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods, has a number of scenes where the characters travel through the Chicago Portage.  It was this arrangement of bodies of water and ground level that was responsible for the City … Continue reading

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Early Days, Potawatomi, and Archer Avenue

Did you ever wonder what it was like here before Lemont was settled, before Illinois was a state? Start by imagining you are walking one of the trails in our beautiful forest preserves, but look at what surrounds the trail … Continue reading

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History for Halloween – The Ghosts of Sag Bridge

The late 1890s seems to be when ghost activity peaked in the area of Sag Bridge, Illinois, now the northeast corner of Lemont. Many ghostly tales, some well documented, began here. In late December, 1897, a rash of new sightings … Continue reading

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