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Local and Historic Sites of interest:

Lemont Area Historical Society

Village of Lemont History


2 Responses to Quick Links

  1. Karen Virkkala says:

    Loved “The Mystery at Sag Bridge”. My great great grandfather helped build the canal and I am heavy into genealogy so really enjoyed going into the past. I live in Lockport, know Lemont well and love reading about it. Hope more books are on the way. I would love to subscribe to your newsletter Thank you,
    Karen Virkkala

    • Thank you for your note, Karen. I’m so glad you liked “Sag Bridge” and took time to tell me, and yes, I expect to release my next book in May or June, called “The Mystery at Black Partridge Woods.” I will be adding your name to my blog subscriber list before the next post, but unfortunately just missed the most recent one. They are all on this web site, however, so please read them here.

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